Sunday, August 10, 2008


I got a chance to do a layout.
Let me tell you about this little page... the freaking papers scares me as much as the little deer from Sassafras scares Laverne. I do not know what I was thinking when I bought the paper last year, YES! I said last year, but I figured that today was the day to conquer my fears. I did the best that I could with it considering that fact that I was 2 seconds away from throwing the darn papers in the recycle bin.


Enough with that paper that scares me, look at what we found behind my husband's shed


I so badly want to take them in and make them mine, all mine, but my husband said it's him or the cats. Let me tell you about mama cat, my girls were looking at the kittens and my dog decided to see what was going on, do you know that mama cat jumped out of nowhere and hissed and showed her claws to my dog, not once, not twice but three time. He did not want to hurt the kittens he was just smelling them. It goes to show you that a good mother will do what ever it takes to protect her young, let me remind you that Oso weights more than I do, here's a picture

Mama cat did not care how big he was, she was going to claw his eyes out.
Alright, I blabbed enough, Angejolie's Socia Hallie is sleeping over, so I need to go prepare myself mentally for what I know will be an uncomfortable night, since those 2 peanuts will sooner or later end up in our bed.

Until the next time, make it a great day ;D


Jiggy Jen said...

AWWWWWW.........I want one!!!!! Joel would kill me though...And my allergies won't help...How adorable!

TamRod said...

They are so cute. Tell Osso to back off!