Monday, August 11, 2008


If this is a sign of what the rest of the week has in store for me....

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I want to crawl back in bed and wake up Sunday.
Ya like the guilty face? And what is up with the fact that she was naked, yep completely naked! In a matter of seconds she had managed to take it all off and create that mess.
How many times have I told the girls NOT to leave boxes of anything open around Sol because this is what she loves to do and what drives my crazy is that once she sees me, actually, hears me screaming as I am coming, she starts throwing it all over the place. What cracks me up now is that Angejolie and Hallie kept saying "you are taking those pictures to show Daddy what we did right?"
Anyhow, the day got better.
We went to my sister in law's house where the kids played in the pool until it started to thunder and after intense begging and begging from the girls I decided to bring another kid home

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How happy were they?
As happy as pigs in poop!

And as I write they are eating ice cream... yep and that's because I am the COOLEST TITI (aunt) and MOM in the world, check them out


And here is a layout I did today, I used the back of yesterdays layout (want not, waste not)


I really do not care for this paper but since I have it out I might as well use it and finish the Easter pictures since in the blink of an eye, Easter will be here.
The orange looks really bad in this picture. Well, that's all for today.
Gotta go, Michael Phelps is on, he just beat another world record and got another gold medal 1 hour ago and he just got another medal which means he just tied the Olympic record.

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laverneboese said...

Okay, I love that Easter layout. I struuuuugle with themed paper, so I might have to scraplift that. Ha ha, I love the picture of your naked girly with the sad look and the BIG mess...priceless...So where's the layout?