Friday, August 22, 2008

Day 2

of feeling BLAH

Today I am doing everything at turtle speed.
However once I got Sol to go to sleep I finally decided to finish AJ's 1'st day of school LO.
The 2 pages are awfully busy and so not my style. Who am I kidding? I have no style. I march to the beat of my own little drum, I create based on the moment and it all depends on the mood I am in. You would think I had 2 large Dunkin Donut iced coffees with cream and sugar by the looks of these layouts ;D I did a lot of cutting, distressing, stamping, painting, chalking gluing. I usually save that for a day where I have the energy of a 20 month old such as Sol ;D not for turtle speed day LOL. Hope you like it.



As for the "AS" story, I chose to leave it as "AS" and not "@$$" because AJ read something from her work book that would have gone something like this "you can have dessert AS long AS" but since her BFF has an older sister I am assuming that over the summer she taught her that that word is a bad word. I guess Angejolie just learned a new word which may I say she whispered to us and has not said it since. Thank God!
OK, I have board you enough, have a great night.


TamRod said...

I like it and I am going to shamelessly steal (cough) I mean scraplift some of it.

lisadickinson said...

love your layout! the mini photos are perfect :)