Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Get ready

for a loooong post.

Where do I start?
How about with this question... WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD?
Today as I was finishing my layout of our Princess and I hear on our t.v. that they are interrupting the show I was listen to with this... A wife pleading for our help to help capture the COWARD that shot her husband of 18 years in the parking lot of the post office while his 12 year old little Princess watched her Daddy get killed with 1 shot to his head. He was a Federal Agent if I am not mistaken and the he was killed over an argument over a parking spot. Have we lost all respect for life or what? And to make matters worse, tomorrow their other Princess turns 15 and now instead of celebrating her birthday she will be mourning her Daddy. I believe in the power of a prayer so please pray for Agent Pettit's family and that they catch that COWARD.

So after being saddened by the news I had to take Sol to the Doctor because I believe Mr. Asthma in knocking at her door and she is about to let him in. This is what my dear husband is lucky to miss because he is at work while I am in my own personal hell ;D

Sol HATES going to the Doctor, thank God for Dora, I gave her her baby Dora and told her she needed to calm Dora down.

Photobucket Photobucket
Divalicious have left the building, I swear to you that Sol does everything her Big Sis Angejolie does.

Now on our way home I saw this...

Do they not care that there are little kids that can read?
What message are we sending? I hope that @$$ does not have any kids of his own.

And now for my layout of my Princess.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Angejolie decided to put this little stone on the layout and since it's about her I figured I would leave it there. I also wrote what she said to me in the car this past Sunday in the little circles. Hope you like it.


Lisbet said...

I was surfing around looking for some inspiration and then I came across your side. I have stoped a long moment to look at everything. It´s great.


Lisbet said...

i just search for scrapbookingblogs on google. I don´t remember how I found you after that.

Jiggy Jen said...

What little DIVA'S I love it...Hope Sol Feels better!

TamRod said...

Like the LO. Did you see that they caught that guy? Also, what is up with posting your car on the blog? ha ha