Saturday, August 30, 2008

I did it

I had my cousin cut off 11 inches of my hair.

It seems to me that every time we get together we channel the inner child in us.
This past Christmas she dared me to jump in the pool at midnight while it was 50 degrees outside and YES the child in me could not punk out so I did it and almost died because the freaking pool was NOT heated.

So today I had just about had it with my hair and asked my cousin to cut it and she did, no questions asked. The hair is not being thrown away, I am donating it to
It takes 6 donations to make 1 wig so to any of you ladies that have beautiful long hair, think about it. It would make a person very happy. Here is a video of the cut. I have to warn you, it is very GHETTO FAB! We did it in her kitchen with regular scissors.

I am going to have to go to the beauty parlor in the morning to have them fix it because it needs to be styled. Well I am off to continue the party with my family. Have a great night.

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Sassy Sasha said...

OH WOW that is fabulous girl .. that is great news .. but wow that is alot of hair too .. whew!

How was your Labor Day other than that girlie;.